For any competent construction lawyer Jacksonville is a very active market. Residential, commercial and civil construction projects go on every day on the First Coast, despite a slow economy. And construction law is an incredibly complex animal, from the permitting process to the final construction cleanup and afterward if problems are revealed after homeowners or tenants move into the completed structure.

Whether you are the builder or the purchaser of a structure, you are strongly advised to use the services of a qualified construction lawyer. Willis Lucas Law Group, P.A. offers representation in every aspect of construction law. Our attorneys have a solid, in-depth knowledge of the all of the regulations and laws that govern public and private construction contracting and litigation. We can help you craft a comprehensive, legally enforceable contract, or thoroughly review any construction contract presented to you by another party before the first shovel breaks ground. If problems arise throughout the construction process or after move-in, we can help you with all applicable issues including breach of contract, liens and collection of receivables.

Make sure you, your money, your business and your reputation are protected by using a highly qualified and experienced construction lawyer. Builders and buyers repeatedly turn to Willis Lucas Law Group, P.A. to ensure a smooth process from crafting the contract to turning over the keys. Reach us at (904) 270-8707.